Thankful in 2020

As crazy as this year has been, there is still much to be thankful for...

Our team begins the Tuesday morning huddle by each member sharing something they are thankful for:

Callie is thankful for her corgi, Archie, our great TMCG team, and time spent with her family. She is also grateful for the Alabama football program! 

Anthony is thankful for his wife and beautiful girls, all of the parks in Williamson County that he can take his kids and new puppy to, and Costco!  

Chris is thankful for his lovely wife, Theresa, his family, good health, and new bourbons to sip on.

Jason is thankful for his family, youth soccer, bike trails, and his growing real estate business.

Lizzie is thankful for her family, good health, loyal friends, and a great work team.

Heather is thankful for her loving husband and son, coffee, and weekly rotating Crumbl cookie flavors.

Wesley is thankful for the wonderful team he gets to work with every day, his sweet wife Shawna, and getting a head start on next year's goals.

We hope this Thanksgiving, even as unique as it is, that you will take time to think of all that you are thankful for. 

As a team we are thankful for each one of you who trusts us to assist with your real estate needs, whether it's answering simple questions or helping your family relocate to a new home, we are thankful that you think of us.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Music City Group! 

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