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3 Ways New Homeowners Can Keep Their Tennessee Lawn Looking its Best Year-Round

You've just bought your first home in Music City, and you're eager to give it the perfect finishing touch. The first thing on your mind is how to make your lawn look its best year-round. We have some tips for you!

A well-maintained lawn enhances the curb appeal of a home and boosts its resale value. But if you're not used to caring for your own yard, it can be intimidating at first. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you work toward that perfect look:

Understand the Needs of Your Grass

The Tennessee weather can do wonders for your grass, but it can also be harsh if you do not know the correct measures to take.  If you're not sure what type of soil or grass you have, it's best to do some research. For instance, the University of Tennessee recommends that fertilizing be done in early spring and late fall to maintain optimal growth conditions for your lawn. Watering should also be done in the mornings to increase nutrients as the sun comes out later in the day. You should be watering your lawn once a week and during the watering session, it should be 1-1.5 inches to make sure it reaches the roots.

You can also check out local nurseries if you want tips on how to care for specific types of grasses native to Tennessee. You'll find a wealth of information about which plants will thrive in your area - whether they are perennial flowers or annuals designed specifically for green spaces. Once you know more about what kind of plant life thrives in your region, it should be much easier to take care of them year-round!

Keep all Tree's and Shrubbery Trimmed

This job is never much fun, in fact, this is another thing that homeowners sometimes like to ignore thinking that having tree's around their property gives them curb appeal. While you may have curb appeal with the type of greenery you've chosen, when it comes to tree and shrub care, it's better to not have these overgrown and touching your house, sidewalks, lawn ornaments, etc. If this happens then what you've got isn't curb appeal, it's just an eyesore! Outside of appearance, overgrown trees can damage your house from either wild limbs or the potential for a tree to fall.

More than just the appeal of nicely trimmed trees and shrubs, it is a hidden fact that having this part of your lawn well maintained can raise your property value by 20 percent! 

The Season Depends on How to Treat your Lawn

You are a new homeowner! You may not know all the tips and tricks for how to care for your lawn in the different seasons in Tennessee.  If you have a lawn, it's time to start caring for your investment.

In the winter months, consider doing a deep clean of your yard by removing any dead branches and leaves from trees so they don't become home to rodents or pests looking for warmth in the cold weather. When spring rolls around, prepare yourself with some gardening tools because now is when that grass needs some love! You can begin tending to those areas that need care as soon as there is no longer any frost on the ground. After all of this hard work has been put into making sure you've got an aesthetically pleasing property, then make sure not to forget about maintaining appearances through regular mowing and weed control throughout summertime too!

Let The Local Experts Help Out

Curb appeal is very important to new homeowners. We also know that this can be a big chore you may not have time for. If you are overwhelmed with trying to get the lawn of your dreams or just need an extra hand, contact local company Southern Spray for their lawn care services as they have been helping individuals every season for over 47 years!

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