How to Find an Accessible Home that Meets All Your Needs

Finding An Accessible Home

Written by Patrick Young

Every homebuyer has different needs. For some, it’s the number of bedrooms. For others, it’s nearness to schools. For those in search of accessible homes to accommodate certain physical limitations, quite a different list of qualifications exists.

Your first step should be to work with an expert realtor from The Music City Group to find the right home for your needs. And once you find the right place, you can modify the home as your needs and budget allow. Here are some modifications that could benefit you and your loved ones. 

Free Movement 

One of the most important aspects of any home is the ease to move about. No one wants to feel obstructed from freely moving from one room to another. One way to ensure free movement is to remove carpet and install hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring is not only a beautiful addition that will improve the value of any home, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain, and it’s durable. As HomeGuide points out, the average cost of purchasing and installing hardwood floors ranges between $2,311 and $6,115. Some factors that can affect the cost of having wood flooring installed include:

  • The square footage.

  • Whether the subfloor needs to be repaired. 

  • If the old flooring needs to be hauled away and discarded.

  • Whether furniture will need to be moved.

  • The type of wood you choose (e.g., pine and bamboo are cheaper options while exotic woods are more expensive).

  • A couple of other flooring options to consider include tile or vinyl.

As you price out properties, take factors like flooring into consideration. Homes that don’t come with the aspects you want will need to be modified, so you’ll need to budget appropriately. To give you a ballpark idea, properties in the Nashville area average $344K. Keep in mind that new construction is also an option. 

Mind the Entrances

For those who require mobility devices and/or companion assistance to move about, standard doorways aren’t wide enough. Either you can buy a home with a completely open floor plan and only open the exterior entrances, or you can open up all the entrances between rooms. 

Widening doorways will require removing existing molding and door frames, expanding the doorway, making sure there is adequate support in the walls, and inserting a new frame and molding. To ensure the doorways are completed properly, you should hire a professional who will get the supplies needed to do the job right and install a door that is wide enough and that goes with the aesthetic of your home.

Safety First

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas for people who require accessible housing. If a bathroom is left unmodified, climbing in and out of bathtubs, slipping on wet floors, and standing too long can all be falling risks. Modifying the bathrooms to meet your current and future needs will only improve your time in your home. When searching for homes, find one that has enough space in the bathrooms to make essential modifications. 

If you have a traditional tub, you can either install wide steps and a railing to get in and out of the tub or install a walk-in tub. For stand-alone showers, consider making them wide-walk or roll-in showers, adding a secure bench, railings, and non-slip flooring.  

Make a List of Non-Negotiables

Depending on your needs, many modifications are low in cost, but others can be more than a little pricey. It’s one thing to modify your current home; it’s quite another to buy a home that would cost just as much to modify as it does to buy the home to begin with. Start by making a list of non-negotiables and communicate that to your real estate agent. For instance, if climbing stairs is not in the cards for you, a duplex is not in your best interest.

Searching for an accessible home is a doable task. As long as you are specific as to what you need and narrow your search to realistic expectations, you’ll find something that works for you. Modifying the home to suit your needs will take it from suitable to being your perfect match. 

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